Pre-K Social Emotional Units

Four weeks of social emotional lesson plans for pre-k students.

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Ready to bring some Social Emotional Learning into your classroom?

Let's TEACH our students personal and social skills! Help children learn to be self aware and to self-manage. Also, help children learn about social awareness and relationship skills to help them be successful!

Each Unit Includes 4 Lessons

Each lesson includes a focus on:  

  • 4 lessons
  • teacher tips
  • 4 songs
  • book list
  • printables needed for lesson plans
  • bible component

Additional Units

More Social Emotional Units will be added soon. Check out the upcoming units:

Unit 1: I am Me {self-awareness}

Lesson 1: I am special

Lesson 2: I have feelings

Lesson 3: I have strengths

Lesson 4: I have a growth mindset

Unit 2: Appreciating Differences {social awareness}

Lesson 1: How we are different

Lesson 2: How we are alike

Lesson 3: Being Respectful

Lesson 4: Empathy

Unit 3: Calming the Stress {self-management}

Lesson 1: Listen to your body

Lesson 2: When I am angry

Lesson 3: When I'm sad

Lesson 4: When I'm frustrated

Unit 4: Impulses & Self-Discipline {self-management}

Lesson 1: Everyone has a bubble

Lesson 2: Waiting is hard

Lesson 3: I can follow rules

Lesson 4: Sometimes we fail

Unit 5: Listening and Speaking {relationship skills}

Lesson 1: Expressing yourself

Lesson 2: Conversational turn-taking

Lesson 3: Ways to get attention

Lesson 4: Accepting 'no'

Unit 6: Making Friends {relationship skills}

Lesson 1: How to make a friend

Lesson 2: Including others

Lesson 3: Sharing/Turn Taking

Lesson 4: More friends = more fun

Unit 7: Being a Good Friend {relationship skills}

Lesson 1: What is a good friend?

Lesson 2: Showing Kindness

Lesson 3: How to apologize

Lesson 4: Listening to our friends

Unit 8: Solving Peer Problems {relationship skills}-Coming Soon

Lesson 1: Problems friends have

Lesson 2: Words, not hands

Lesson 3: Ways to handle problems

Lesson 4: Getting help