​create a circle time plan for your year and make circle time meaningful

Do you feel like your circle time is too routine?

Preschool circle time is a great time to practice and review skills, create a class community and observe what students know. 

But... keeping little learners engaged isn't always easy!

You need a circle time plan!

Without a Circle Time Plan, you might...

  • Feel like your only covering the same skills everyday
  • Begin losing student attention - kids looking like roly-polies rolling around on the carpet!
  • Struggle to set up a circle time environment that works for you
  • Need to redirect student behaviors after the circle time routine gets stale
  • Not have the tools you need within reach and need to stop circle time to retrieve them

Ready to create your own Circle Time Plan? 

Come join me in the...

Who is this workshop for?

  • Preschool educators, care providers or parents who works with preschool children and are looking for a guide to creating a meaningful circle time experience
  • If you want to save time on creating or finding the circle time materials you need
  • If you want to create your own Circle Time plan or have a plan provided to you

What is Included?

Circle Time for Pre-K

Classroom Jobs

Nursery Rhyme Mini Units

Clipboard Surveys Bundle

Also included...

  • 5 course units for step by step planning of your circle time
  • A Circle Time Plan Workbook
  • Video demonstrating how to bring Classroom Jobs into CT
  • Circle Time Skill + Goals Matrix
  • Whole Group Activity Skill Cards
  • Tips and ideas for the physical circle time space
  • Suggested Materials List
  • Management Ideas
  • Sample Circle Time Schedule
  • Plan Your Own Schedule Template
  • Song Printables and Audio
  • Circle Time Basket Ideas

Course Curriculum


Hey there! I'm Ashley, early childhood educator and curriculum creator. I am passionate about early learning in a play-based setting. I believe circle time should be fun and educational. I'm going to help you get your circle time routine in order, all while making it the best experience possible for you students. If you are ready to re-vamp your circle time and create a plan, come join me!


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