Free Webinar Replay for Preschool Teachers

Don't Let Your Circle Time Get Stale  

How to Keep your Circle Time Lively So Your Students are Engaged and Learning!

Ashley of Lovely Commotion

Does Circle Time have your students rolling around on the floor as un-engaged little roly poly bugs?

Come learn how to turn those cute little bugs into focused little learners!

This webinar will cover...

  • Setting Up the Physical Environment: Is your physical set-up competing for your students' attention? Come learn about considerations to take when setting up your physical circle time space

  • Management, Management, Management: Is there more you can do to encourage student participation and limit distractive behaviors? Help your circle time be a successful time by planning out your time together as a class.

  • Reinforcing Skills with Whole Group Games: Circle Time is a great time to reinforce core learning goals. Make this time fun by planning some fun whole group games. In this webinar I will share and demonstrate whole group games you can play with your students to reinforce letters, numbers, shapes and colors.